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[audio]The Invisible Sky Monster Podcast
Each episode your friendly neignbourhood Dumbass picks two people involved in the Skeptic community to have a casual chat about current events and whatever's on their minds
Keywords: critical thinking; science; skepticism
Downloads: 21
[audio]ATT 004 Humanevo 2 - The Mile High Sanity Project
Directly descended from part one, comes the next chapter in Alternatives to Thought with Human Evolution Part Two... the sequel! Special guest Joel Guttormson returns as Chalmer takes us on a journey exploring some of our earliest common ancestors all the way up to homo sapiens. Why did bipedalism develop? Does evolution have a meaning? What does facultative mean? The answers in this obligate edition of Alternatives to Thought!
Keywords: critical thinking; evolution
Downloads: 393
[audio]Complementary Alternative Medicine - The Mile High Sanity Project
In this episode we tackle alternativeâ¦differentâ¦almost-but not-quite-real medicine. Is it possible to even define alternative and complementary medicine? What is it and how does it work? Better yet ⦠does it work at all? Is Quinine an herb or a chemical? And can Chalmer say cinchona? Queue up your Qi and break out the crystals, as we discuss some real fake medicine in this edition of The Mile High Sanity Project.
Keywords: medicine; critical thinking
Downloads: 360
[texts]Reading and thinking : a new framework for comprehension - Massachusetts Educational Assessment Program
"Chapter 188; May 1987."
Keywords: Reading comprehension; Critical thinking
Downloads: 236
[audio]The Dumbasses Guide To Knowledge
Each episode the Dumbass takes a critical look at claims and controversies, using logic and reason to try and get to the bottom of things.
Keywords: critical thinking; science; skepticism
Downloads: 20,528
[audio]Radio Free Philosophy 2012 Promo - Kevin J. Browne
A promotional announcement of the upcoming fourth season of episodes on Radio Free Philosophy.
Keywords: philosophy; politics; critical thinking; discussion
Downloads: 20
[texts]2. Applied Assessment Of Critical Thinking Dispositions Ojewole, Foluso - OJEWOLE, FOLUSO & THOMPSON, CESARINA
Background: Critical thinking skills in nursing are important, as they are central to providing competent quality care. The need for the development of appropriate critical thinking skills by nursing students is also supported by the standards of practice for nurses as determined by various state nursing boards. Critical thinking dispositions are requisite for thinking critically and for developing sound critical thinking skills...
Keywords: Critical Thinking; Dispositions; Nursing; Students
Downloads: 2
[texts]Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking help
Keywords: critical thinking; help; thinking; critical
Downloads: 301
[audio]Critical Thinking -- Groks Science Show 2013-07-31 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Although critical thinking is essential for effective communication and problem solving, the techniques for critical thinking are often not employed effectively. On this program, Dr. Linda Elder discussed how to think critically.
Keywords: science; psychology; critical thinking; groks
Downloads: 2,027
[movies]Observation 4 - Dr. Linda Behar-Horenstein
Craniofacial Anomalies
Keywords: behar-horenstein; dental; critical thinking skills
Downloads: 26
[movies]Observation 1 - Dr. Linda Behar-Horenstein
A Pediatric Dentist and a Dental Student
Keywords: behar-horenstein; dental; critical thinking skills
Downloads: 60
[audio]Burk Tech Presents: Driving Home Quick Tech Podcast #1 - Daniel Burk
Introduction to a New Podcast.... First Episode talks about current state of my school with my student and teachers. Touch on trying to shift our school with redoing our computer curriculum.
Keywords: Students; Teachers; Technology; Bloom Taxonomy; Critical Thinking
Downloads: 5
Keywords: historiography; teaching; cult; patriotism; critical thinking
Downloads: 34
[movies]Observation 3 - Dr. Linda Behar-Horenstein
Oral Medicine
Keywords: behar-horenstein; dental; critical thinking skills
Downloads: 19
[movies]Observation2 - Dr. Linda Behar-Horenstein
A Periodontologist and a Dental Student
Keywords: behar-horenstein; dental; critical thinking skills
Downloads: 33
[movies]Introduction to The Method - Richard M. Gray, Ph.D.
An introduction to Rosenwasser and Stephen's Method for analytical thinking and writing based on their book: Rosenwasser, David and Stephen, Jill. (2006). Writing Analytically (Fourth Edition). Boston: Thompson Higher Education ISBN 1-4130-1012-1.
Keywords: Writing; Analysis; Critical Thinking; Brain Tools
Downloads: 269
[audio]Developing Critical Thinking - Mark Ryan C. Dalumpines
One way to develop your critical and analytical skills.
Keywords: critical, thinking, ways, develop, students, nurses, nurse
Downloads: 363
[audio]Article Reviews and Commentary about Technology Trends in Education
These podcasts include a short commentary on my experience making podcasts for the first time, as well as two very short summaries of the following articles: King-Sears, M., Swanson, C., & Mainzer, L. (2011). TECHnology and Literacy for Adolescents With Disabilities. Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 54(8), 569-578. doi:10.1598/JAAL.54.8.2 Nat Turner, K. C. (2011). "Rap Universal": Using Multimodal Media Production to Develop ICT Literacies...
Keywords: technology; media; literacy; learning disabilities; critical thinking
Downloads: 28
[audio]Hunting Humbug 101 - Podcast (Original) - Theo Clark, Jef Clark
Hunting Humbug 101 A crash course in shooting down bad arguments. Two skeptics examine poor reasoning - 1 fallacy each week - real fallacies from pseudoscience, science misconceptions, politics, philosophy and media. By Theo Clark and Jef Clark www.skepticsfieldguide.net
Keywords: Podcast; skeptic; skepticism; fallacy; critical thinking; Australia
Downloads: 1,203
[texts]Das Autistisch-Undisziplinierte Denken un der Medizin und seine Überwindung - Bleuler, Eugen
Das Autistisch-Undisziplinierte Denken un der Medizin und seine Überwindung
Keywords: Medicine; Psychiatry; Science; Philosophy; Critical thinking
Downloads: 125
[movies]Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons is a free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking. It is suitable for general audiences and is licensed for free distribution and public display. Most people fully accept paranormal and pseudoscientific claims without critique as they are promoted by the mass media. Here Be Dragons offers a toolbox for recognizing and understanding the dangers of pseudoscience, and appreciation for the reality-based benefits offered by real science...
Keywords: news&information; science; skepticism; critical thinking; skeptoid; brian dunning
Downloads: 7
[movies]Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons is a free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking. It is suitable for general audiences and is licensed for free distribution and public display. Most people fully accept paranormal and pseudoscientific claims without critique as they are promoted by the mass media. Here Be Dragons offers a toolbox for recognizing and understanding the dangers of pseudoscience, and appreciation for the reality-based benefits offered by real science...
Keywords: news&information; skepticism; critical thinking; brian dunning; science; skeptoid
Downloads: 8
[audio]diffusion2013-10-07 - Diffusion Science Radio
RbutR and mosquito fans Fans for mosquitoes! by Ian Woolf Shane Greenup, founder of rbutr.com speaks with Ian Woolf about the online critical thinking tool. Presented and produced by Ian Woolf
Keywords: science; Diffusion; sceptic; skeptic; critical thinking; rbutr; mosquito
Downloads: 335
[texts]Teaching thinking : enhancing learning : a resource book for schools, ECS to grade 12 - Alberta. Curriculum Branch
2 23 31 33 38 41
Keywords: Education; Creative thinking; Problem solving; Thought and thinking; Critical thinking
Downloads: 393
[audio]Hunting Humbug 101 podcast - Theo Clark
A podcast about critical thinking and bad arguments
Keywords: Fallacy; Fallacies; Critical Thinking; Philosophy; Skepticism; Skeptic; Science
Downloads: 1,029
[software]Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading - http://www.meritsoftware.com
This program improves students' reading comprehension while providing teachers and tutors with measurable results. Students receive immediate feedback and help throughout. After an assessment, students work a crossword puzzle, a two-answer question, and multiple choice reading comprehension questions for each text. They are able to track their performance through a progress-to-date module and session scores...
Keywords: Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading; Business; Education and reference; Writing and reading; Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading
Downloads: 199
[movies]Re: Adam Carolla explains the OWS Generation (Adam Carolla Gets Poaned) - slmrcs
If you are going to give a negative review/comment without backing up your statements with any attempt at intellectual discourse, then you are a basically a victim of culture who can not think. You are especially incapable of thinking in terms of dynamic systems. Negative comments are fine, provided you actually engage with the given material. Adam Carolla made some stupid comments on Occupy Wall Street...
Keywords: ows; Adam Carolla poaned occupy wall street; critical thinking; zeitgeist; economics; politics; Politics Economics; libertarian; slmrcs
Downloads: 18
[audio]The Bitchspot Report Podcast #50 - Cephus/Mike Bohler
This week, we take on the flaming remnants of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, talk about a Louisiana school district that told a Buddhist child to get lost, Jewish cock-sucking spreading disease, Christian cannibalism in Africa, a pastor who lost his faith and found financial salvation with the atheists and a long discussion on being rational, whether you like it or not.  All this and more in this episode of The Bitchspot Report.
Keywords: Christian Cannibalism; Ken Ham; Bill Nye; creationism; herpes; Judiasm; rational; logic; critical thinking; atheism; conservative; podcast
Downloads: 49
[audio]Talking About Science And Ecology in Public - Shaping San Francisco
Join a challenging conversation some have dubbed "environmental communications in the Anthropocene" to discuss the problems with presenting complex ecological information publicly. Rose Aguilar from KALW's Your Call radio, Brent Plater of the Wild Equity Institute, and environmental scientist and climate change activist Azibuike Akaba discuss and debate issues of scientific literacy, critical thinking, basic education, attention spans, buzzwords, guest selection, framing and definition of scient...
Keywords: Environmentalism; ecology; anthropocene; communications; meaning; language; memes; propaganda; science; critical thinking; literacy
Downloads: 56
[audio]Philosophy and Nursing - Martin Lipscomb
Philosophy & Nursing: Janet Holt interviewed by Martin Lipscomb (June 2011).
Keywords: Philosophy; Nursing; Nurse; Critical Thinking; Analysis; Research; IPONS; International Philosophy of Nursing Society; UK
Downloads: 42
[audio]Critical Thinking Episode - Jim Neill - Feb 22nd 2011 - Jamie Masse
This episode features Kingston City Councillor Jim Neill of Williamsville District. Host Jamie Masse, introduces the new councillor in the first of a 13 part "Meet You Councillor Series".
Keywords: Jamie Masse; Critical Thinking; CFRC; Radio; Kingston; Canada; City Council; Jim Neill; Williamsville
Downloads: 552
[audio]ThreeThinkers-043-Live_Quiz_Show - www.threethinkers.com
Fred, Dave the Happy Singer and Peter Bowditch take part in a special live quiz at the Western Sydney Freethinkers with Alan as the quiz master.
Keywords: western sydney; free thinkers; three thinkers; atheist; skeptic; science; philosophy; critical thinking
Downloads: 161
[audio]Episode # 3 Fideism, Evidentialism, and The Need For Christian Apologetics - Calvin Moore Ministries
Urban Christian apologist Calvin Moore discusses fideism, evidentialism, and the need for Christian apologetics. All content from this podcast episode is drawn from James E. Taylor's textbook, "Introducing Apologetics." (Baker Academic)
Keywords: Calvin Moore; Apologetics in the City; fideism; evidentialism; faith; reason; Jesus; philosophy; critical thinking; apologetics
Downloads: 35
[audio]The everything, nothing & us. Podcast. Pilot Episode - Tim Ayalin
The pilot episode of The everything, nothing & us. Podcast. Created by Tim Ayalin on January 16, 2012. Original Air Date January 30th, 2012
Keywords: Podcast; blog; political science; philosophy; psychology; science; skepticism; physics; cosmology; music; critical thinking
Downloads: 40
[audio]Origins of the Public Education System
Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope on the Corbett Report (22SEP2011)
Keywords: public school; john taylor gatto; richard grove; prussian schools; critical thinking; trivium
Downloads: 123
[texts]A Dictionary Of Thought Distortions - Morten Tolboll
Thought distortions are “techniques”, that, unconsciuos or conscious, are used from an interest in finding ways of getting on in the world, rather than an interest in finding ways of discovering the truth. Thought distortions are the background for poor reasoning, diversionary ploys, seductive reasoning errors, techniques of persuasion and avoidance, psychological factors, which can be obstacles to clear thought...
Keywords: Logic; Rationality; Philosophy; Argumentation; Critical thinking; Science; New Age; Self-help
Downloads: 73
[texts]Trivium: Subject, Method, Skill - The Next Step Podcast
This is an original essay regarding the use of the Trivium in the modern, 21st Century context. This is a work in progress representing only the first version of this presentation.
Keywords: trivium learning tools liberal arts method critical thinking rhetoric language freemasonry
Downloads: 473
[audio]Episode 7: Systematic Miseducation (and finding a new way forward) - PonderTalkRadio
After two attempts and a hosting shake-up, Aaron is joined by Lee to discuss what education means, whats wrong with it, and what we can do to change it. Apologies, the sound quality on this episode is a little sub par for most of the first hour and a half, and there was an issue with the camera switcher for those watching the video. Watch the video podcast on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agJM3-4-UcM&feature=player_embedded reference links: RSAnimate - Ken Robinson Changing Education ...
Keywords: education; aaron moritz; leehamster; podcasts; montessori education; progressive education; learning; unschooling; trivium; critical thinking
Downloads: 126
[audio]HearYourselfThink on the Air! Dec. 9th - HearYourselfThink.org
Remembering Nelson Mandela. His life, his legacy, his example. How right-wing media figures are remembering Mandela, and how the Fox News base is reacting to that praise (spoiler alert: it's ugly). "It is never my custom to use words lightly. If twenty-seven years in prison have done anything to us, it was to use the silence of solitude to make us understand how precious words are and how real speech is in its impact on the way people live and die.” - Nelson MandelaFrom a global to a local (P...
Keywords: Nelson Mandela; Newt Gingrich; Rick Santorum; Fox News; Obamacare; Apartheid; Mr. Rogers; reading; book drive; literacy; critical thinking skills
Downloads: 6
[movies]Peter Dale Scott - 9/11, Canada, Left Gatekeepers & Zelikow - snowshoefilms
Peter Dale Scott: 9/11, Canada, left gatekeepers & Zelikow Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 22, 2007. Veteran political analyst Peter Dale Scott critiques the role of left gatekeepers for their superficial analysis of American politics which leaves the criminal structure intact. 10min
Keywords: 9/11; left gatekeepers; critical thinking; players; analysis; terrorism; false flag; bush; cheney; chomsky; wtc; usa; canada; war
Downloads: 1,516 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Rag Radio 2013-05-10 - Journalism Prof & Activist Robert Jensen, Author of "Arguing for our Lives" - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Robert Jensen is a widely-published writer and author, a political activist, and a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches courses in media law, ethics, and politics. On the show, we discuss issues raised in Jensen's latest book, "Arguing for Our Lives: A User's Guide to Constructive Dialog." The book has been described as a "lively primer on critical thinking.....
Keywords: Robert Jensen; Rag Radio; Thorne Dreyer; Authors; Journalists; Radical Activists; Arguing for Our Lives; Critical Thinking; Rhetoric
Downloads: 106
[movies]Jamie Cooper- VISA180 Project #2 - me, with the help of those who came before me
After researching the situationists and completing a couple projects that were influenced by the SI, I went on a modern-day Dérive and wandered through the interweb. Interesting things did I find. Contemplating contemporary culture and letting my clicks take me on a cruise-like meander down paths of this web that I have never taken before. As if the web were a friend; a living, breathing entity that wanted to show me its treasures...
Keywords: art; remix; situationist; borrowed; idea; critical thinking; levitch; carlin; close; radiohead; darger; wall; kk; scales; angelaurondo; joffe; fiammeaudace; freud; kentridge
Downloads: 162
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Lawrence Jarach Instead of a Meeting By someone too irritated to sit through another one a4
The Anarchist Library: Lawrence Jarach Instead of a Meeting By someone too irritated to sit through another one a4
Keywords: anarchism; anarchist; anarchists; social; tactics; principles; leninism; leftists; direct; critical; critical thinking; mutual aid; direct action; social democrats; anarchist principles
Downloads: 9
[audio]Episode # 5 Christian Apologetics. Impossible - Calvin Moore Ministries
Urban Christian apologist Calvin Moore discusses the question of "Is Christian apologetics impossible?"
Keywords: Calvin Moore; Apologetics in the City; critical thinking; apologetics; mystery; depravity; subjectivity; relativity; Christian apologetics is impossible
Downloads: 38
[texts]The difference between philosophical education and ideological education - Morten Tolboll
Philosophical education has its basic objectives, first, the disposition to seek truth, and, second, the capacity to conduct rational inquiry. Ideological education differs from philosophical education in all these respects. This article explains this in detail.
Keywords: Ideology; Philosophy; Education; Pedagogy; Propaganda; Human rights; Critical thinking; Communism; Liberalism; Conservatism; National Socialism; Nationalism; Religion; Politics; Society; Community
Downloads: 19
[movies]MIT21W.747S05 - MIT OpenCourseWare
This course uses the study of rhetoric as an opportunity to offer instruction in critical thinking. Through extensive writing and speaking assignments, students will develop their abilities to analyze texts of all kinds and to generate original and incisive ideas of their own. Critical thinking and original analysis as expressed in writing and in speech are the paramount goals of this class. The course will thus divide its efforts between an examination of the subject matter and an examination o...
Keywords: Rhetoric; critical thinking; writing; speaking; assignments; analyze; texts; original thinking; examination; subject matter; History; Theory; Aristotle; Plato; presidential speeches
Downloads: 499
[audio]Sensus Solum Or Sensus Plenior A Choice Of Freedom - Richard Wells
How does the predominate education process in America effect freedom?  How does thinking effect education?  And how is thinking effecting your freedom? Listen to this Podcast to learn more. 
Keywords: freedom; thinking; critical thinking; oliver demille; Moses; sesus solum; sensus plenior; bible; representative government; rulers law; slavery
Downloads: 46
[audio]Leadership High School - Sam, The Shaolin B-Boy
Take a trip to Leadership High School, San Francisco CA's first charter high school which teaches students communication and critical thinking as well as reading, writing and math. Leadership High aims to graduate life long learners and future leaders.
Keywords: Leadership High School; charter school; San Fancisco; critical thinking; students; high school; shaolinbboy; alternative; small school; education
Downloads: 175
[texts]Thinking Fallacies - Carl D'Souza https://twitter.com/CarlDSouza
Improve the quality of your Thinking by learning about and avoiding common Fallacies in Thinking. Collection of Wikipedia articles on Thinking Fallacies, mostly Formal Logic in Part 1, Informal Fallacies in Part 2.
Keywords: logic; argument; reasoning; critical thinking; thinking; epistemology; philosophy; argumentation; debate; fallacy; formal logic; informal logic; formal fallacy; informal fallacy
Downloads: 243
[audio]Incoherent Ramblings Podcast 005: The Mind - Incoherent Ramblings
THE RAMBLERS TALK ABOUT THE SUBCONSCIOUS, THE UNCONSCIOUS, AND OTHER FREAKY ASPECTS OF THE MIND AND HOW IT WORKSSnippets and show notes. Our website iamrambling.comSubscribe to our podcast Drop us a line show@iamrambling.comSome things you'll miss if you don't listen:- Introducing....Starscream!.....I mean Paul- Brainstorm...on new and improved decorative tape- Geek Star (Badge)- A Universe of Movie Rides- Darryl gets pod-blocked- Experiencing Paul's Head- There is no Ego, there is only Kail- Cr...
Keywords: broad; critical thinking; discussion; fun; geek; general interest; humor; in depth; intelligent; insightful; irreverent; light; literal; nerdy; opinion; panel; philosophy; pop culture; random; science; serious; skepticism; technology
Downloads: 79
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